A good host family is the key to a successful course - This is our guiding principle. Your local organizer takes great care to retain only families where students will be happy and comfortable.

How we select your host family: a guarantee of satisfaction
Each family is interviewed and their home fully inspected. They will only be chosen if we are totally convinced that they would welcome as if you were a member of their own family. The vast majority of our families have received students for many years but even those who have joined us more recently are very aware of their role. Your local organizer stays in contact with the families throughout the year. This enables him to get to know them very well and to ensure that they maintain the high standards required.

We also place great importance on the reports we receive from students concerning their host families. Indeed at the end of each course, we ask students to complete a questionnaire on every aspect of their stay in England. It is BLC policy that only the families who continue to receive the highest marks are retained for future students.The care that we take in selecting our families and maintaining the quality of the welcome they offer is in itself a guarantee of satisfaction.

The best way to quickly improve your English
Living with a good English family is certainly the ideal complement to the programme of classes. By constant exposure to the language as it is spoken by the inhabitants of the country you will have innumerable occasions to put into practice your newly acquired linguistic abilities. Not only will this help you to develop a rich and varied vocabulary but you will also find yourself learning the everyday idiomatic expressions with a surprising ease.