What is BLC ?
BLC stands for Britannic Language Centre. We are an English school which has specialised in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) since 1985.

How do you select your host families?
The BLC host family supervisor personally visits all candidate families. The first inspection usually takes about an hour and a comprehensive assessment of the family is made. About 1 in 5 of the families visited, are retained to receive students. At the end of the stay we ask students to mark their family on every aspect of the stay. Only the families which receive the very highest marks are retained for future students. We have undertaken these quality checks for 20 years.

Can I be moved from my host family?
Yes. Naturally we do everything so that you are satisfied with your family & don't have to change. In practice, this is very rare as our objective, is to get it right first time.

Are the host families close to the centre?
The maximum distance is about 2Km. For most students it will be much less. The ease of access is always a consideration when we select a host family but other factors such as the family's ability to regard their student as a member of the family and the quality of the accommodation, have a higher priority.

Does the family do the washing?

Does the family provide bed linen?

Who selects my BLC centre?
The affectation of students to centres is decided by BLC in England, according to age. All of our centres, however, have the same qualities and are very close to each other.

Why are your centres situated where they are?
There are 3 basis reasons for this:
• There is no regional accent which makes studying the language easier.
• The area has one of the highest socio-economic levels in England, which means that our families don't take students for the money & that it is a secure and attractive environment.
• The geographical situation is perfect for visits & excursions. We are on the Metropolitan line of the Underground and access to central London is quick & easy. For excursions.
• We are within easy access of Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor, Brighton, Bath, Stratford, Winchester...

Do I need to bring my sports equipment?
Apart from swimming trunks, BLC provides all equipment free of charge. If, however, you wish to bring, for example, a favoured tennis racket, you are of course free to do so.