General Conditions

The information contained on this site has been verified and corresponds to the situation at the time it s uploaded. We however retain the right to make such changes as may be imposed on us by circumstances beyond our control.

Our prices are based on the currently applicable levels of foreign exchange, tax and the costs of external supplies which may alter after their publication.

If the number of bookings for any course does not allow us to cover our costs BLC reserves the right to modify, regroup or cancel the relevant programme. In this case you will be informed of the situation at least 15 days prior to the intended departure. If for this reason or other cases of absolute necessity or due to serious social or political disruption a programme has to be cancelled the BLC will fully reimburse any sums paid.

Students undertaking international group travel with BLC may only benefit from the group price if they undertake both the outward and return trip with the group. Unused outward or return tickets cannot be refunded. Any costs incurred by a premature return (for personal reasons or misconduct) are at the expense of the participant. All participants undertaking international travel must have the currently required international travel documents. BLC accepts no responsibility for students who are refused entry to the United Kingdom. Any costs arising from such a situation are at the expense of the participant. Non EU residents are responsible for obtaining such visas as may be required. Failure to obtain such a visa will not result in the reimbursement by BLC of any sums paid. BLC is not responsible for any costs arising from delays in either the outward or return journey. Students undertaking the group trip from Paris will travel by ‘EuroStar’ train unless for any reason this is impossible, in which case the journey will be by an alternative means of transport.

Our correspondence is not sent by recorded delivery. No responsibility is accepted where clients do not receive notification of departure dates. In this case you are invited to contact BLC and the necessary information will be communicated by telephone. BLC is not responsible for any costs arising from the participant missing any international flight or train departures.

Our local organisers reserve the right to change the allocation of a host family prior to or during the course and to decide whether a participant should be prematurely sent home without compensation because of serious misconduct (indiscipline, drunkenness, drug abuse, theft...) or because a participant requires treatment or special care not specified prior to booking.

All courses which are started must be paid in full. In the case where a participant cancels at any time prior to the departure date all amounts paid will be reimbursed with the exception of the 150 dollars (US) deposit. Notice of cancellation must be sent to BLC by recorded delivery and we must receive it prior to the departure date. Participants wishing to change courses or to transfer their booking to a third party must inform us of this by recorded delivery at least four weeks prior to departure. A charge of 50$ (USD) is made for this service.

Each participant is required to subscribe to a fully comprehensive holiday insurance.

All decisions concerning the course are taken at our registered office in London : BLC - 2 Victoria Road, HARPENDEN , Herts, England AL5 4EA. Any claims arising from a course must be sent to this address no later than one week after returning home.